Best Hair Bleach [2019 Hair Lighteners Review]

You have unwanted hair on your face and you want to make it disappear? Then bleaching cream against your lady beard might be the solution. In addition to the removal with the epilator, wax and other means, bleaching the lady’s bar is a good alternative without removing the hair. It is also painless to use […]

You have unwanted hair on your face and you want to make it disappear? Then bleaching cream against your lady beard might be the solution.

In addition to the removal with the epilator, wax and other means, bleaching the lady’s bar is a good alternative without removing the hair. It is also painless to use and therefore very popular with women. I’ll show you what you should know about bleaching so that the application can successfully make your ladybug disappear. I also want to introduce you to the best bleaching creams for your face.

How hair bleaching cream works on the face?

With the help of hair bleaching cream, you can withdraw the color from your annoying hair in the face. In contrast to plucking or epilating the hair does not disappear. The oxidizing agent (info Wikipedia), which is contained in most hair bleaching creams, softens the hair. So the bleach can penetrate the hair and destroy the color pigments of your hair. The result is a very light, almost transparent hair. The lady beard is for most people no longer perceive as a beard, because the hair on the face of the color is removed.

Of course, bleaching only makes sense if you have a dark lady beard, that is black or brown hair. If you are one of the women who have a light lady beard, then you have to resort to other methods. Here you have all methods at a glance.

The best bleaching creams for your lady beard

Below I would like to introduce you to the two best hair bleach creams for the face. The face is particularly sensitive, so you should be extra careful when choosing a product. I recommend the following products to you based on my personal experience or the tips of other women. An important note yet: There are also skin bleaching creams! You would not be the first woman to make that mistake. But with these products you are on the safe side:

No. 1 – SNA Epil hair bleaching cream

The SNA Epil hair bleaching cream is one of the most popular hair bleaching creams of women. It is particularly suitable for the lady beard. Before using, however, you should thoroughly read the instructions for use. Also, I recommend the cream in a small place, e.g. on the arm to test for compatibility. The package includes gel, powder, a small droplet for mixing and a spatula for application. The contact time is specified according to the manufacturer with 15-20 minutes. But I have the experience that just in the face a shorter time of about 5 minutes is sufficient because the hair is often thinner and lighter. The application of the SNÄ Epil hair bleaching cream is very easy and quick. The amount of cream is enough for many applications on the face. I got along with her for several months.

My conclusion: Based on my personal experience, I can only recommend the SNÄ EPIL hair bleaching cream for the face. I had no skin irritation or other side effects. The reviews on Amazon are also very good. The value for money is right.

No. 2 – X-Epil Hair Bleaching Cream Extra Sensitive 2 × 40 ml

“Extra Sensitive” is the name of the hair bleaching cream from X-Epil. Whether the cream is more compatible than the others, I can not judge. Fact is, the hair bleaching cream from X-Epil is a great alternative to hair removal on the face. For this cream, you should read the instructions carefully before use. Again, a spatula is included to apply the hair bleaching cream. Since this is quite large, a cotton swab is just perfect for applying to the upper lip. The exposure time varies also with this cream very strong. It depends on the hair texture and is between 5-20 minutes. Here you have to test a little. Like the SNÄ Epil, the hair bleaching cream must be mixed beforehand. To do this, pour the gel and the bleach powder into the beaker (all included) and stir it into a cream that can then be applied.

My conclusion: The hair bleaching cream from X-EPIL is also good. I just called it NR.2 because I did not try it personally. Other women are very convinced of her. Just look at the reviews on Amazon and convince yourself.

What should be considered when using hair bleaching cream?

Before using it, you should read the instructions for use to get the best results and avoid side effects. You must pay attention to the exposure time of the cream, otherwise, it can lead to unpleasant reactions of the skin. If you have mixed the hair bleaching cream as described in the instructions, then it is best to test the cream in a small spot before applying it to your face. When the exposure time has run out and you have removed the cream with a spatula, wash your face with cold water. After the application, you should apply a care lotion/cream.

Does the bleaching cream have side effects?

One can say that the hair bleaching cream is not harmful to health. However, some women may experience skin irritation. For example, I have heard from some women that they have had red spots on their face for a few hours after use. That’s not nice.

Therefore, an important note from me: Be sure to follow the instructions for use of your cream to avoid subsequent problems with your skin. If you notice that the hair bleaching cream is not for you, you have to resort to other means. Just look at my page. In addition to the epilator, the IPL device for the face is the best solution. With this, you can permanently remove your hair on the face.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair bleaching cream


  • easy and fast application
  • no stubble on the face
  • low in purchase
  • painless application
  • lasts 2-3 weeks


  • can lead to redness of the skin
  • hair is not removed

Questions and Answers

Below I answer some questions that were put to me about bleaching lady beard. If you have any questions or suggestions on the topic, then write to me.

Why does the hair bleaching cream burn after application?

It can easily burn after applying the bleaching cream. This is due to the oxidizing agents contained in the Blondiercremes / hair bleach. A light burning is not bad. However, if it becomes strong and uncomfortable, then you should immediately remove the cream from your face to avoid damage.

What should dark skin types consider?

If you are a darker skin type, then it can be that your facial hairs look very bright after bleaching? Here I recommend you in any case first a small place to test how the hair after bleaching look.

Bleach without damage with these 8 tips

You want a casual granny or a beautiful beach-blonde and without damaging the hair while bleaching? It is possible! Read the 8 best tips here.

Blonde hair is beautiful but often difficult to reach. Many fear the damage that can be caused by bleaching and shun it. But a beautiful blond is easy to achieve without damaging the hair if you have enough patience and follow our tips. I used to work as a hairstylist myself and know the pitfalls of bleaching. In this post, I’ll show you what the most common mistakes are and how to get around them.

1. Do not wash before bleaching

How many times have the customers come to the salon earlier and said radiantly, “I washed my hair at home, then you do not have to do this anymore.” Before bleaching, this is fatal, because washed hair is much more sensitive and also the scalp is less well protected.

Therefore, I advise you not to wash your hair before the hairdresser, even if they are no longer fresh. Hairdressers have no problem with it and prefer to judge for yourself if it is necessary to wash your hair or not. For example, tinting requires a thorough hair wash before applying. Not when bleaching.

2. Maintain the scalp

Not only the hair but also the scalp may suffer from the bleaching process. It is therefore important to properly pre- and post-treat your scalp. Anyway, the scalp is often neglected in hair care. The tips are cherished and cared for, but the new hair sprouts from the scalp. It should, therefore, be healthy!

The Lanza Healing Remedy Scalp Balancing Treatment is used for sustainable and effective treatment of dandruff. It nourishes and controls oily, dry and sensitive scalp. The natural ingredients such as papaya extract, shiso mint, coconut water, and lavender oil have a balancing, soothing, refreshing, moisturizing and nourishing effect. They reduce sebum production, relieve itching and inhibit microbial activity.

3. Olaplex – the miracle drug

Surely you have already heard of Olaplex. Is the miracle agent that good? I was allowed to gain an extremely good experience with it. Although Olaplex certainly does not allow bleaching from black to platinum in a few hours, it is the best remedy for hair breakage during bleaching. Be sure to use home after treatment as well. If your hair is already damaged by bleaching, Olaplex No. 3 help to repair the damage again.

Ask your hairdresser when bleaching always to Olaplex. Of course, systems like Fibreplex are also recommended, they are based on the same principle.

4. Tint, color, and bleaching differ

I was often shocked in the salon, as many women do not know the difference between tones, dyeing, and bleaching. Of course, it is the hairdresser’s job to choose the right remedy. And yet it is useful to know at least the biggest differences. It helps in choosing the right hair color and you can better assess how firmly your hair will suffer from the new hair color.


When tinting the color pigments are placed around the hair. The color does not or does not penetrate the hair at all. Thus, tints for the hair are not harmful at all. Tinting is the gentlest hair dyeing technique. Tints can only color the hair darker. Lighter tones are not possible and gray hair is not covered.

To dye

Hair dyes or colorations penetrate the hair and alter the pigments. With hair color, gray hairs are covered and the hair can be darker as well as lighter colored. Hair colors can only be applied to natural hair. If your hair is already dyed and you want it brighter, the handle for bleaching is necessary.


Blondes remove the artificial and natural pigments from the hair and brighten them up. So if you already have dyed hair or want to lighten your hair by more than 4 levels, you need to have your hair bleached. Bleached hair is depigmented hair and no hair color in the sense. You should, therefore, insist that your hairdresser always tint the freshly bleached hair with a tint. This is the only way to create a beautiful blond tone.

5. Realistic and slow

If it has to go too fast, the hair always suffers. The best tips can not help if you are aiming for a quick lightening of the hair. The hair colors are graded on a 1-10 color scale. 1 is black and 10 and blondes are lighter. You should never lighten more than 5-6 levels in a bleach, even with Olaplex. Only then can the hair health be preserved.

6. Post-treatment: keratin and moisture

The hair is bleached – now it is important to choose the right treatment. In addition to Olaplex need the hair after bleaching especially moisture and keratin. Use an intense moisturizer like Redken’s Extreme – Anti-Snap, a leave-in treatment that is incredibly moisturizing. Whenever necessary, I recommend a deep – care mask like the Discipline Maskeratine from Kérastase. Also, hair oil should become your new best friend. Treat your hair after bleaching like expensive porcelain – because it is just as sensitive.

7. Less washing less styling

Bleached hair is drier and less quickly greasy. So get used to washing your hair less often. Every three days is enough. In an emergency, you can treat the greasy areas with dry shampoo. The freshly bleached tips will thank you. Even when styling with heat appliances such as straighteners or curling iron caution is required. Be sure to use heat protection and rarely treat the hair with heat. This additionally damages the hair.

8. Cut regularly

The tips of bleached hair should necessarily be recut regularly. Especially if you have bleached all your hair fresh. Do not try to dye blond hair at the same time and let your hair grow. As soon as only the batch has to be retouched, it is no longer a problem.

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