Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair [2020 Review]

Hairstylist Secret to Blow Drying Fine Hair hi guys my name is Tabitha and I am a fine hair specialist and macare loss practitioner and today I wanted to talk to you about blow drying fine hair now this is my technique this is what I always done on my hair and what I teach […]
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Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, Purple
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Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer
Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer
Conair Infinity 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer
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Revlon 1875W Lightweight + Compact Travel Hair Dryer, Black
Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer
Prime Benefits
Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, Purple
Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology
Prime Benefits
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer
Prime Benefits
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer; Aqua - Amazon Exclusive
Conair Infinity 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer
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Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning, Black/Chrome
TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer
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Hairstylist Secret to Blow Drying Fine Hair



hi guys my name is Tabitha and I am a
fine hair specialist and macare loss
practitioner and today I wanted to talk
to you about blow drying fine hair now
this is my technique this is what I
always done on my hair and what I teach
my clients how to do on their hair and
really it comes down to the shape of
your head so everyone’s head shape is
different and so I want you to figure
out where what grows forward and what
grows back so your cells need to know
the shape of your head not only to give
you an amazing haircut
but they also need to but they also need
to know the shape of your head to
blowdry what they want where they want
to be a volume and where they don’t want
volume so I want you to take a comb and
I want you to place it on top of your
head and I want you to find out where
the comb leaves your head is what comes
forward and back into here where the
head is up at the top is what goes back
so this right here I am going to
blow-dry back and what is in here I’m
going to blow-dry forward now my head is
shaped like a two-year-old
so not all head shapes are the same so a
lot of people’s head shapes they
actually doesn’t grow forward and go way
up here so this you would be going back
this year will be going forward I hope
that makes sense so I think world
I think you’ll better understand and
then we’ll drain so the tools that I use
is this brush is an airbrush ERG oh and
I love this brush because it has iron
bristle minute so I have fine hair and I
have praise so what the ion bristles do
with the teeth out static and frizz out
of your hair is your blow drying and
it’s tourmaline so it’s actually gonna
kind of pull the moisture from the
inside out of the hair which is what you
want to do fine hair the cuticle is more
fragile and we have a smaller core so we
really need to protect the integrity of
our hair so first of all you want to
always use a protective spray this one
is my favorite it’s totally weightless
I have put in maybe six to eight Springs
when it’s wet comb it through it also
gives you shine adds a little moisture
it detangles I also have a little wave
to my hair so I can wear it a little
wavy to but this one is really great
also I do about a golf-ball size of the
thickening mousse the full line and then
I use the root lift and I just used the
root lift around the crown and like five
to six squirts at the root that’s it
it’s really easy when you’re blow-drying
your hair to drop everything you think
you’re getting a lot of fullness by
doing this but what you really need need
to know and the echo that I call this
you’re going to the wall with this right
it’s really what you need to be doing
is going to the ceiling so you need to
be blow-drying your hair up this way to
the ceiling not this way towards the
wall so I hope that makes sense it’ll be
a lot easier as I’m going to kind of
talk you through it what I’m doing and
why I’m doing it also with you guys
would if you have any questions feel
free to leave a comment and if you do
try this technique and you love it I
would love to know why you’re loving it
what what made it different for you I’ve
been doing this for so long and for so
many years this is how I teach my
clients how to how to style their hair
to get their own the most fullness so I
would love to hear your input on what
you think okay so I will talk to you
soon okay you guys so at this point I
have already put on my product in and
I’ve blow-dried my hair about 80% dry
you really want to make sure that your
hair is about 80% dry before you grab
the round brush because the round brush
really doesn’t do anything until the
hair is almost dry anyway so you can
kind of save your arm strength I’m kind
of pushing all the crown hair up out of
the way so I can get to the underneath
and I’m I have quite a bit of hair in
the back so I all I’m really doing is
smoothing and get a little getting a
little bend out of the bottom of the
hair here and that’s basically all I’m
doing through the back
as I work with my way up I’m getting a
little bit more volume through the crown
now this part up and through here
through the sides by my ear I really
don’t need a lot of volume there I’m
gonna go to the wall with this one so
going to the wall just to smooth it out
and now this is kind of a flat spot of
mine so right here at the crown I really
want to make sure that I’m getting this
straight up towards the ceiling and
getting the most lift with that round
brush right here it’s really easy to
drop it like this and that that’s how
much fullness you’ll get so you really
want to make sure that you’re bringing
that brush all the way up to the ceiling
once you have that all hot and dry you
want to use your cool shot on your
blow-dryer and you want to cool it off
to set it
so this is going to kind of set that
curl in through there now climbing up
through the back since everything is
already brushed forward I can yet kind
of use the blow dryer to put my hair
back on to the brush to get that height
through the back of the crown that I
want I really want to make sure that
that is super straight up towards the
ceiling and cool it off again
now to the other side I don’t really
need a whole lot of volume here so I’m
going to go to the wall with this this
part in through here I’m gonna go up to
the ceiling with this part this because
this is part of my crown in the back
cooling it off and taking my next
section now all this from now on should
be up to the ceiling
don’t do that make sure you get it up to
the ceiling cooling it off so this part
up in the very front I really don’t want
a whole lot of lift through there this
is my thinnest part of my hair as you
can see so I’m just kind of basically
kind of getting the frizz out of it and
don’t want a whole lot of lift right by
my face but this area and through here
is what I really need to get so this
part for my hair grows forward so I’m
going forward with this part if the
angle of your head is going back then
you want to go back with this part it
all depends on the shape of your head
now I’m going to cool this off
and that is what you want it’s almost
like I put a roller in there you guys so
for the finest part of your hair you
really want to make sure you’re going
the right way and you’re getting it up
towards the ceiling I hope you guys like
this and let me know in the comments
what you think

When it comes to fine hair, every tool, product or style needs to be crafted with care and tact. Finer strands to be limp, more difficult to style, easily weighted by-products and seriously sensitive to heat. The strands can appear flat and voluminous, making it harder to create waves and curls all day or even the first five minutes after the style is completed. When it comes to heat styling tools, fine hair can suffer. The heat, if unregulated, can fry the fine strands of hair and irreparably damage them. This, paired with hair products, you make your bebe busy, therefore, people with finer hair need to use tools designed for fine hair or thicker hair on heated hair styling tools.

1 JINRI JR-101 Professional Hair Dryer 1000W Mini Hair Dryer

Going on holiday or a business trip means throwing all the important beauty items in your suitcase. This includes your hair dryer, the perfect for fine hair is. However, it is less ideal to carry a heavy hair dryer in your luggage. The Jinri JR-101 is a professional hair dryer in a compact, travel-friendly form. The mini hair dryer with 1000 watts provides the right amount of energy. It is made of ceramic material, which means that it is not too stressful for the fine strands of hair, which can easily be fried by blowers made of different materials. The Jinri JR-101 uses ion technology, ie the device emits negative ions to neutralize the positive ions emitted by the hair dryer. This helps to seal the hair and create a frill-free style that is smooth and shiny. The hair dryer is available with a concentration nozzle available, the important, the volume for fine hair to create. There are 2 speeds and 2 heating levels that give the user control over the type of style they want to create and how much heat they want to put on their hair. It’s a great, professional hair dryer in a compact form.

2 InStyler BLU Turbo Ionian dryer

A hair dryer that cares for fine hair is lightweight, but packs a lot of power is the perfect heat-based tool. The InStyler BLU Turbo Ion Dryer is just that. It seems to be small and pretty easy. However, this hair dryer has amazing properties. The InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer dries hair twice as fast as the average hair dryer. This hair dryer has two special features. One of them is the combined power of the high-performance DC motor and the Jet Turbine fan. Combined, this mini dryer delivers a super fast and efficient drying speed. This makes the drying of fine hair quick and easy. This reduces the time that fine hair is exposed to high heat. The second wonderful at the InStyler BLU hair dryer, that is the only hair dryer on the market, the height of the negative ion adjust. Since all hair types are not the same, this means that all hair types need a different amount of ions. Users can do that with the InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer.

3 Elchim 3900 Healthy Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer

Whether you have thick and curly or fine and thin hair, everyone wants to have healthy hair. When it comes to heat, hair styling tools; fine strands of hair are at high risk of being damaged. The Elchim hair dryer has established itself as a heat treatment device, which puts healthy, strong hair in the foreground. This little hair is a strong blow from Italy… This is important for fine hair, as excessive exposure to heat can damage the hair. The 2000-watt motor is one of the most powerful blow-dryer motors on the market. Thanks to the very advanced Italian engineering, this power is unmatched. The moose helps fine hair stay strong and healthy with ionic ceramic technology and materials. The Combination is the Hair instead of the Stranges of Waste to remove. The ceramic generated a healthy heat environment for the thin strands, while the ion help, shiny silk hair to produce. The dryer also uses far-infrared, protecting hair from overheating. The dryer comes with 2 different nozzles to achieve the perfect, voluminous style every time.

4 Berta 1875W Negative ion hair dryer

Fine hair can suffer greatly from excessive heat. However, it is not realistic to avoid heaters. The use of heating tools that do not completely ruin the fine strands of hair is the key to getting the look you want, without the damage you do not have. The Berta hair dryer is a powerful device that can dry out the hair quickly. The 1875 watts give this dryer the power it needs to dry the strings quickly and efficiently. This helps to limit the time the strands of heat must be exposed. The speed, along with the heat, can be adjusted to create the perfect style with the right amount of heat. On some days your hair may need more heat or more speed, on other days you may want a hairstyle with less grip, which requires less heat and strength. The Berta hair dryer has 2-speed levels and 3 heat levels. One of the outstanding features of the Berta hair dryer, which is essential for the styling of fine hair, are the negative ions that the dryer emits. These ions help the hair appear smoother, softer and healthier. This is important for thermal tools, as the positive ions and hot airflow can cause fine strands of hair to become dry, brittle and frizzy. Berta eliminates this problem.

5 Conair Infiniti Pro

There is nothing worse than buying a hair tool that you love so that it dies out just a year later. When blow-drying, this can happen if the engine is not of high quality and thus runs out. The dryer is useless if that happens. The Conain Infiniti Pro has a 1875 watt motor, which means it is both powerful and durable. The engine of this dryer lasts three times longer than the average hair dryer and also dries hair faster. The engine on this dryer also lasts longer because of the removable filter option. By removing the filter and removing dirt and debris, you can significantly extend the life of the hair dryer. The accumulation of lint and debris can damage the engine of the hair dryer so that it no longer works. In addition to its amazing longevity, the Conair Infiniti Pro uses ceramic and ion technology to create smoother, healthier and softer strands essential to fine hair. The adjustable speed and heat options is great for different styles. You can use the settings to create a style that requires more or less speed and warmth. Fine hair lacks the volume and the right hair dryer can deliver that. The Conair Infiniti Pro comes with a Concentration Nozzle, which creates wonderful volume and curls that last all day long.

6 Xtava Ionian hair dryer

A professional dryer that creates salon-like styles at home is a dream for hair styling tools. The Xtava Ionic Hair Dryer is like the professional dryer that your favorite stylists use for their weekly outbreaks. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, the Xtava Ionic Blow Dryer is like a mini-styling kit for the home. It comes with a concentration nozzle attachment for voluminous styles and a diffuser that is essential for fine, curly to wavy hair to pump up the curls. The 1800 Watt motor makes hair drying fast and efficient. The powerful engine creates a salon-like experience with the highest air circulation to dry the hair. The dryer has the dual-ion capability, which drains the water molecules while reducing the frizz. The dryer has 2-speed levels and 3 heat levels to create the desired styles. The feature that makes this dryer a standout tool is the perfect hair “P” setting. If you turn this setting on, the dryer will heat up to turbo speed with medium heat, giving you that beautiful, sleek look without the incredible damage. This setting is ideal for everyday use with fine hair types. It is the perfect salon without the damage.

7 Xlinder 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

The loud whirring of a hair dryer is one of the most unpleasant aspects of blowing home. The older hair-driers are loud and heavy, which is not a pleasant experience at home. The Xlinder 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer has a 1875 watt motor that makes hair drying fast and quiet, which everyone would want in a big hair dryer at home. The Xlinder hair dryer has negative ions and far-infrared to create smooth, shiny styles that leave no marks on fine hair. The powerful engine also means that this hair dryer will last over the years. The dryer has 3 heat levels and 2-speed levels, making it easier to create ideal hairstyles that are high volume and low damage. The dryer, along with the 3 heat settings, has a cool shot button that helps to create thickness and texture that is perfect for fine hair that may seem flabby and dull. The dryer comes with a diffuser attachment that helps create voluminous, voluminous styles for fine curly hair. It also comes with a concentration nozzle that is essential for creating volume for straight fine hair.

8 BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer

A hair dryer that dries hair quickly without frying it is the gold standard. The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer is a 2000 Watt dryer that dries hair quickly and efficiently without damaging it. The powerful engine lasts a lifetime and can be serviced with the detachable filter. The ion technology paired with the nano-titanium grill on the hair dryer work well together to create shiny, smooth and healthy hair. The combination is important for fine hair that is prone to heat damage. Unlike other blow dryers on the market, the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer has a total of 6 heating and speed settings, including a cool shot to create a style just for your hair type. It’s a lightweight dryer with a generous length cord for easy handling.

9 MHU Professional Salon Grade

Fine hair, whether curly or straight, requires gentle but powerful warmth tools. Heaters can ruin fine hair by drying it out, making the strands brittle and frizzy. The MHU Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer is a warming tool that is effective but not harmful to fine hair that is so sensitive to heat. The 1875-watt AC motor allows the hair dryer to dry hair quickly and with minimal noise and vibration. With the 2 speed and 3 heat settings options, you can create the style you want without overheating the strands. The far-infrared and ion technology means that the hair dryer does not damage your fine, fine hair. While the dryer works to dry your hair faster, the ions and the far-infrared work to achieve silky smooth results. For best results and controlled airflow, the dryer is equipped with a diffuser attachment and a concentric nozzle attachment. This allows you to make simple retouches and add volume to all your styles, which is essential for fine hair.

10 Remington D3190A pest control ceramic hair dryer

Protecting hair from damage by heat styling tools is essential for all hair types. This is especially true for fine hair as the strands are thinner and more susceptible to breakage and damage. The Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer not only dries and styles hair, it also conditions the hair through the process to ensure the hair is strong. The grill of the dryer is saturated with micro conditioners. These micro conditioners are released into the airflow when you use them to dry your hair. They then protect the hair from heat damage while maximizing the shine and softness of the hair. The negative ions prevent frizz, while the ceramic-coated grill dries the hair faster. The tourmaline technology regulates the heat and prevents overheating of the hair. The dryer comes with 2 attachments for maximized styling. The narrow airflow concentrator helps to create volume, while the diffuser attachment helps to maximize curls. When it comes to drying your fine hair while protecting it from harmful heat, the Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer is just the ticket. It styles the hair while maintaining it for beautiful, strong and shiny hair that holds.

What you should consider when buying a hair dryer

High-quality materials

It comes to the purchase of a large hair dryer that will not roast thin, fine strands of hair, the material is important. The best materials for every heater, especially dryers, are ceramics and tourmaline. These materials regulate the amount of heat applied to the hair to prevent excessive damage. The high quality materials help to create shiny, strong and smooth hair without damage that can be irreversible.

Ion Technology

Blow dryers are far away from what they once were. Previously, they were vessels to blow hot air on strands and to dry them from the outside. This would damage the strands of hair, especially the fine strands, causing them to become brittle and heat-treated over time. Now there is ion technology. The hair dryer uses negative ions to neutralize the positive ions. The hair dries out from the inner hair shaft. This makes the hair less curly and less swollen.


Getting up and holding a hair dryer over your head can do a number on your arm. Instead of straining your muscles and making the blast drying process even longer, you should use a low-weight hair dryer. This will allow you to take your time and avoid a frizzy, half-dry break as your arm does not feel tired.


Even if the hair is okay, that does not mean that it is straight or that no special areas need to be addressed. Also, hair dryers can be used to add volume and to polish even finer hair. The best way to control areas or add volume is to buy a hair dryer with accessories. These accessories include a diffuser, a comb, and a concentrator nozzle. This makes it easier to achieve the look you want on fine hair.

Heating settings

Some hair dryers come with an on/off switch. This is a definite way to ruin fine strands of hair. It’s important to control how hot a heating styling tool gets when it’s in use. Drying fine strands of hair that are wet requires a different setting compared to drying fine strands of hair that are dry. The heater settings help prevent unnecessary damage that can last for years to come.

How to choose the best hair dryer for fine hair?

As with any other beauty product or tool, buying the right hair dryer for fine hair can be a process that requires research and big thinking. Unlike a make-up brush or shampoo, quality blow-dry that does not completely ruin fine hair can be an investment, so it’s important to make the right choice. First, make sure that the hair dryer has all the important features. It should be able to pass the hair dryer checklist. The hair dryer should have temperature setting settings that are made of high-quality ceramic or tourmaline material, have attachments, and are lightweight. Apart from that, you should also check in with other buyers to see what they say in the review sections. This will give you a realistic idea of ​​how the product works.

How to blow fine hair for volume

Whether you have a head of thick, curly hair or thinner, finer strands, likely, you sometimes want to change it. For fine hair, the volume is the key. Of course, fine strands of hair are limp and flat. This means that any hair tool used should help in creating volume. Hair driers are considered a tool that helps to create smooth, straight hair. For fine strands, however, this is completely useless. The right hair dryer for fine hair can help to create a nice volume when used correctly. Here is how:

  1. Start with wet hair that has been washed, conditioned and protected with a very light heat-protective serum.
  2. If the hair dryer nozzle is not connected, dry your hair dry until it is about 80% dry.
  3. Turn off the hair dryer and use a mousse hair product that gives fine hair volume.
  4. Attach the Concentration Nozzle and pull out a large round brush. Put the round brush on the roots of your strands and start turning the brush while you concentrate the hair dryer on the strands. Go from the root to the ends and repeat.
  5. Finish the style with a light, shiny hair serum.

Additional criteria when buying a hair dryer

The weight of a hair dryer is also not uninteresting. If it is too heavy, they will drop their arms after a while.

Too small or too light should not be the hair dryer. The handling with the small, light blown feels weird. The hair dryer is more difficult because you have nothing in the hand, I think at least.

Except when traveling, there is the light and small hand dryer or travel hair dryer just right.

Several blower levels or temperature levels are beneficial for the heat distribution of a hair dryer. Also, a cold air stage should be available.

The design of a hair dryer is not entirely unimportant. After all, you have to look at it every day. Therefore, the hair dryer should also appeal to you visually.

The volume should not be too loud. Modern models with light DC motors stay below 55 decibels.

Other features and functions such as brush attachment, cable entry, centering and volume diffuser are beneficial in handling.

Last update on 2020-09-23 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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