Depilatory Machines, How to Choose Well?

There are plenty of hair removal machines on the market. Learn what they are, what are the benefits of each, and how to choose yours. One of the issues that concerns us most beautiful women and men is waxing. There are infinite formulas on the market to end the hated hairs born where we were just like our […]

There are plenty of hair removal machines on the market. Learn what they are, what are the benefits of each, and how to choose yours.

One of the issues that concerns us most beautiful women and men is waxing. There are infinite formulas on the market to end the hated hairs born where we were just like our soft skin. Most are suitable for you it ‘s use at home , but there are other techniques such as laser hair removal, which should be done by professionals. In the first group they are, among other methods, plucking machines. From Beauty Bekia want you to know in depth this option, one of the most comfortable to be perfect in a few minutes.

What are plucking machines?

When we talk about plucking machines, we refer to the classic electric epilators that start the hair root thanks to rotating discs incorporated into each hair grasping head and removed. To use this type of device, simply move the head in the area we want depilatory and hair will gradually disappear. While it is true that hair pulling produce some pain, so is thatcurrent models are becoming less painful and are designed to respect the skin.

Still, a good hydration is always important, especially after waxing. It is also recommended proper exfoliation of the skin (once a week is sufficient) because some hairs may become entrenched. These machines are small, so do not take anything if you want to take them traveling. Another advantage is that they are suitable for virtually the whole body, since many of the models include several interchangeable heads to suit different areas of the body that are small and delicate, like the armpits or English.Furthermore, it is an economic lasting method (two to three weeks) and, because although you should make a small investment (have plummeted in price since they began trading) when purchasing your machine to treat, after avoid expenses knives, wax or any other product. Once you use your machine to treat, just clean it by removing the hairs that have been left on the head (usually are accompanied by a kind of small brushes that will facilitate the task and others allow even cleaning under the tap) and charge for the next time if battery operated.

How they work: different types

As mentioned, there are various brands and models on the market plucking machines. It is important to know them to decide which one best suits your needs. Here we explain the most common.

With anti-pain system: many of the plucking machines incorporate various methods to lessen the pain that occurs due to hair removal. For example, the cold is very soothing to the skin, so some of them include an applicator that uses the properties of ice to numb the skin. Other systems to minimize discomfort are the heads that provide pain relief massage while you shave and act more slowly in the most sensitive areas:

  • With system to protect the skin:some epilators include technology to exfoliate the skin while ending with the hairs.
  • Submersible: there is increasing plucking machines that can be used underwater to make this beauty routine a more relaxing and enjoyable time. Furthermore, the water opens the pores, so the extraction of the hairs is simpler and pleasant. Most can also be used dry.
  • With heads: most include interchangeable to better adapt to the different areas of the body head. Thus, a special head for underarms, English or even the upper lip, can greatly facilitate the task and achieve better results with less pain.
  • With ‘extras’: many of the epilators latest machines include a number of ‘extras ‘that they facilitate use. For example, the light makes us see better even small or blond hairs so that there is none. Also the sounds of some of these appliances help to identify if we using them properly.
  • Specific: there are small hair-removing machines that often run on batteries and used to very specific areas such as the upper lip. Their heads are smaller and rotate at an appropriate speed to prevent damage to these sensitive areas.

Wired or battery

Some epilators contain a battery that lets you upload and use them later without being connected to the power supply. This option is convenient but can be a nuisance if you take too long to shave and battery runs out:

  • IPL: this system is not the same as the previous ones but we wanted to list it as one of the newest options.These are machines that allow us to realize pulsed light hair removal, hair removal something like that we provide the beauty centers, but at home.This method weakens the hair follicle and therefore slows hair growth and can be spaced in time waxing sessions. If you decant this system you should be especially careful with the power you apply and avoid areas of skin problems.
  • Painless: This typology refers to machines waxing somewhat peculiar because it does not hurt because they do not pull the hair ‘pinzándolo’ as with the rest, otherwise they are destroyed with heat.We refer to machines like No! No! that unlike the IPL does not use light if no heat.

Tips when choosing a depilatory machine

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Being Persian, I'm like 70% body hair and 30% eyebrows so I use an epilator to remove my arm hairs. I have almost no pain tolerance and can handle this, so I definitely recommend it. My skin is sensitive, so it becomes temporarily red right afterward. It stings a bit at first, but you get used to it after you keep going over your arm. Make sure to keep your skin tight by extending your arm out so you don't pinch yourself! Moisturizing is essential after you're done so that you can hydrate and nourish your skin. I love using H2O+ Beauty's Milk Body Butter because it's lightweight and smells fresh! P.S. Can you tell I felt like a skincare version of Wonder Woman? ? ————————— Emjoi eRase e60 @h2oplususa Milk Body Butter ————————— #h2oplususa #epilator #epilation #estheticienne #esthetique #soin #soincheveux #cils #hairremoval #makeuptutorialsx0x #shimycatsmua #uhmvideo #makeupslaves #hairmakeupdiary #vegas_nay #fakeupfix #kyliecosmetics #maquillajesvideos #sharethelove4beauty #beautyqueens4ever #makeupforbarbies #flawlesssdolls #beatthatface #slave2beauty #luara_143 #bretmansvanity #labellasocialite #beautyandhairdiaries #makeuptrends #1minutemakeup @glamvids @makeuptutorialsx0x @hudabeauty @bretmansvanity @brian_champagne @beautyandhairdiaries @awesomemakeu.p @viral.fashions

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It is essential to choose a good hair-removing machine for optimum results and end the hair anywhere on the body. As there are many options that we provide brands, the choice is becoming more complicated.

One of the parameters is important to note is the number of clips that have the head and the extraction rate. It is clear that the more clamps holds and faster turn, takes less to shave. But it is advisable to choose a machine with at least two speeds, since in some sensitive areas can be painful apply a lot of power. It is essential to have clear what your needs when visiting the store. That is, if you’re never going to be waxed underwater or going to use the accessory cold to minimize pain, we recommend you do not opt for such models just because they are ‘the last’. It is better you save money purchasing an easier option if you will not take advantage of the ‘extras’. As for accessories such as headers, if it is you’ll probably go through a machine that has multiple and interchangeable if you want to use in different areas of the body . If, however, you use other methods of hair removal in areas other than the legs, with buy one with a good head for this area, will suffice. Lastly, if you want to get yourself home the benefits offered by some epilators last generation without changing the one you have for years, it is desirable that you shave after the shower (the pores are more open and easier), you apply cold to the area before starting to minimize pain and do not forget to wear moisturizing creamor gel (with aloe vera, for example) once you are done to your skin is well hydrated and radiates beauty.

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