Myths and Realities of Laser Hair Removal

Although waxing Lase r is a method that is becoming stronger, although there are still doubts about its effectiveness, safety and damage that can cause thelaser to the skin. Many of these questions owe their origin to the bad practices carried out underground clinics or spas with staff without certification, or experience, are responsible for the laser hair removal, […]

Although waxing Lase r is a method that is becoming stronger, although there are still doubts about its effectiveness, safety and damage that can cause thelaser to the skin.

Many of these questions owe their origin to the bad practices carried out underground clinics or spas with staff without certification, or experience, are responsible for the laser hair removal, making it a painful procedure for patients, even cause skin damage; irritation and  blisters to burns.

In addition, some sites guarantee hair removal for life, a fact that represents a major myths of hair removal, because although it is a permanent method, it is not definitive.

Experts in the field note that neither the laser, pulsed light or any other tool that is used to treat, can provide definitive results, because new hairs or may always appear, because some skins do not respond to the procedure.

Myths and Realities

Some of the ideas in the field of laser hair removal is a myth; knowing them is important to clarify the most frequently asked questions on the subject:

Laser hair removal causes skin cancer: Myth

Because of their selective effect on the skin, the laser is not responsible for this pathology. However, patients with a history of cancer in the skin itself must be checked by a dermatologist prior to application.

Any person is a candidate for laser hair removal: Myth

It is always necessary to have a consultation with a specialist assessment for to determine whether a person is a candidate or not to use this method of hair removal. For example, if an individual presents burns, wounds, irritation or a skin disease like herpes or fungi, you can not undergo this treatment. Similarly the women pregnant or in period of lactation may not shave through this method; same case applies to those living with diabetes or who are taking medication should consult their doctor before exposure to the laser.

A complete laser hair removal treatment requires several sessions regardless of the body area involved: Reality

The laser works effectively on hair that is in the initial growth stage known asanagen, but unfortunately not all go through this phase at the same time. That is why several sessions to completely remove needed; on average are 6-8 depending on the area being treated, the patient’s health status and type of skin.Once treatment is completed, it is necessary to make some extra sessions of maintenance; there are follicles that can come to rest up to six years. Note that if the laser is used by a specialist and if correct loading of light is emitted, waxing need not be painful so use will not need anesthesia.

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You can depilatory any area of the body after tanning: Reality

Due to the photosensitivity and higher concentration of melanin in tanned dermis, experts recommend abstinence treatment for a certain period to avoid endangering the health of the skin.

The laser beam can damage tissue surrounding the hair follicle

Myth The light emitted from the laser is absorbed selectively in the melanin in the hair follicle, causing direct damage that brings about hair removal.

Ten myths of laser hair removal

While the main benefit of laser hair removal is that it offers permanent results for a long period of time, it also has other advantages: it can be applied in any area of the body (except eye area), it has the same effects in men and women, not painful, is simple, safe and does not cause side effects.

It is not the first time you talk about laser hair removal, but this time we focus on some misconceptions about this technique. And we do it with the help of the doctors Adriana Ribe, Ribe Clinic director, and Marta Castillo, Unit Laser Clinic Planas. Simply sums up some of the myths about this aesthetic technique booming, maybe you come right if you’re thinking of starting a treatment to remove hair.

  1. The light or blond hair is more difficult to remove with laser. “It is true, as has lower concentration of melanin (pigment) which is the target of the laser. But today, thanks to the latest generation laser, you can eliminate it.
  2. You need to let your hair grow before plucking. ‘You need that has not been waxing or tweezing 10-15 days prior to the existence of the hair shaft that is responsible for driving the laser energy from the skin to the hair matrix that is what we want to destroy, but can depilatory knife’ . Dr. Ribe.
  3. Laser hair removal can not be done in any part of the body. ‘Not so, treatment can be performed on any part of the body including the chin, upper lip, cheeks, ears, nose, forehead, neck, armpits, arms, chest, areolas, back, the line of dawn, the English and legs’. Dr. Castillo.
  4. It is most effective laser hair removal as the system you used to date (vs wax shaving) ‘No, it is independent’. Dr. Ribe.
  5. You can not perform laser hair removal in summer . ‘Laser hair removal can be done all year. The only contraindication is the tanned skin. If it’s summer, the sun protection is taken with or covered areas such as the armpits pluck, no problem. However, as the intervals between sessions are 2-3 months, you can make a meeting before the summer, and another later, when the tan is gone’. Dr. Ribe.
  6. You can not sunbathe after laser hair removal. ‘Yes you can sunbathe after laser hair removal, but as in some patients may be more sensitive skin, it is advisable to use sun protection factor’ says Dr. Ribe, which confirms Dr. Castillo:’Once passed at least fifteen days from the laser session, you can sunbathe, making in total sunscreen, in short periods of time at the beginning and the skin is always perfect, without redness or discoloration. If so, the next meeting should be postponed until they have passed at least 2 months and untanned skin is again’.
  7. Laser hair removal is painful. ‘heat of the laser light that can be annoying in some patients note. To mitigate this risk, it is used in combination with the laser, a system of cold air at -10 degrees to calm’. Dr. Ribe.
  8. The hair grows back over time. “The body does not.In the face, if hormonal stimulation, you can leave some hair, but in much smaller quantities and much thinner than in the beginning’, says the Ribe doctor. While Dr. Castillo argues that’laser hair removal has an effectiveness of 90%, so there is no assurance that the results are permanent, with each session less hair grows weaker and lighter. It depends on the treated area, knowing that the facial area often require some maintenance session and in areas such as English or legs if the hair has not grown back within 7 months in the area shaved laser, most likely the patient never again be affected by their appearance’.
  9. This treatment has no aftercare. ‘Not so, for when a session is made, the skin is hairless and somewhat rosy. This hard erythema after treatment with hot wax, about 2 hours. The aftercare involve the application of creams with aloe vera for 4 days and avoid any source of heat and humidity on the treated area (sun, sauna, pool, hot). It is also necessary that all sunscreen be used if the area is exposed to the sun and it is advisable to start new cosmetic products’. Dr. Castillo.
  10. 4 sessions will stop flowing hair. ‘You can not predict the number of sessions required, and it will depend on the area and the color and thickness of hair. What we can say is that a session every 5-6 weeks’ will be held.

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